We Bring a Business-Centric Legal Approach to Your Business

How We Do It

Aegis is a highly experienced corporate and commercial law firm. We use our proven business acumen and first-hand business and operational experience to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ unique businesses. This allows us to solve problems efficiently and capitalize on opportunities quickly, while considering business ramifications and achieving meaningful business outcomes as a result.

Because we represent clients on every side of transactions and financings, we deeply understand the differing perspectives and how to craft a deal that makes sense for everyone. Risks always exist, but we help you quantify them quickly and manage them effectively.

One size does not fit all, and we live by that motto. We truly get it – sometimes something simple is all you need and other times you need an innovative, complex solution. We’re not afraid to give you genuine and pragmatic business and legal advice and will always bring a business-centric approach with your desired outcomes in focus. Creativity is naturally in our DNA and we actively participate, collaborate, and consider your unique circumstances for each goal or business stage.

Our job is to give you legal and business guidance so you can scale, capitalize on opportunities, or effectively manage business risks. We understand the bigger picture and don’t get lost in the trees or say “no” without providing realistic and actionable solutions.

Whether you’re looking for an “everyday” contract, bringing on partners, raising capital, or selling a business, we’ll get your deal done. Even better is that it will be “right sized” and we won’t overcomplicate it. Across the table, whether we are faced with a startup and their small law firm or a public company and their major international law firm, we know how to make a deal work for our clients without requiring them to jump through stressful and unnecessary hoops.

At the end of the day, we’ll ensure every transaction meets your needs and goals, help you avoid common pitfalls, and manage the risks while preserving your business relationship, so you can work together or move forward in the future.

The biggest complaints we hear from companies and entrepreneurs is that their lawyers weren’t part of the business, didn’t “get it”, or overcomplicated things. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know each business is unique and you need lawyers who understand your unique business, challenges, strategies, and goals.

We pride ourselves on actively becoming a part of your team. Your entire Aegis team is always available to you. You will not find our unique combination of personalized attention, legal acumen, and business expertise elsewhere.

Our dynamic, team-based approach allows us to adapt to your evolving needs – whether it’s a discrete contract or legal task, acting as outside general counsel, or representing you in bet-the-company transactions.

Our firm serves clients differently. We firmly believe that we only succeed if you succeed, so we manage the legal process to get deals done efficiently and without a high-pressure environment. We’re in it for the long haul with you, rather than maximizing billable hours.

We strive to offer competitive pricing for top notch legal representation and we always provide flexibility and fee transparency. We understand budgets and can work on flat fees, traditional hourly, or pre-purchased blocks of time (like cell phone roll-over minutes) so you can call us with questions at any time without the pressure of hearing the clock tick.

No matter how you want or need to work, our flexibility enables us to build strong relationships and strategic partnerships so your goals can be efficiently met.

We’re experts in all things business and corporate law, but we know your business needs may occasionally span beyond this. To ensure you receive high quality, full-service treatment from trusted advisors and industry experts, we work with proven niche professionals who we know and trust. We know it’s better for our clients to work with true subject matter experts rather than a “jack of all trades and master of none.”

The beauty of this is that if your business requires a specialty outside of our firm’s expertise, we bring in subject-matter experts in an integrated and fluid manner, so your legal team is perfectly tailored to your needs and offers a seamless solution. If you already have in-house or other outside counsel, we can work together with them to meet your unique needs.

We regularly find ourselves across the table from some of the biggest firms in the world and have worked on complex transactions ranging from $6 billion to $200,000. We understand that no matter the size of the deal, you deserve the best legal counsel in your corner every time to ensure your deal is optimized for your long-term vision. We genuinely care about our clients and are committed to your long-term success.
To be impactful and extraordinary, we thrive at establishing ongoing relationships with our clients. This allows us to learn your business and your goals inside and out, ensuring an evolving partnership that builds a deeper connection over time. As your dedicated partner, we will navigate your complex legal issues together and support you in making the best decisions for your company so your dreams can be realized.

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